Pocket Change from Scrap Metal

After replacing my water heater with a new one, I was left figuring out what to do with the old one. I thought about throwing it away and letting someone else take it, but there was too much scrap metal on it to pass up. I researched scrap metal prices for my area and found a buyer who would take the entire heater off my hands for a good price. I guess the saying about trash being treasure to another person really is true. If only I could find someone to take the weeds in my backyard and give me money.

I used the money from the scrap sale to buy a new watch. It’s funny how people my age went from not wearing watches because they had cell phones, to wearing digital watches that connect to their cell phones and emulate the look of a regular watch. I don’t need any of that, because I have a phone, and getting a watch that connects to one would just be redundant. They both serve the same functions for the most part, so it would be like paying for the same item twice.

The watch has a classic face, but there are some tricks up its sleeve. The watch has a button on it that can turn the face green, causing it to glow in the dark. When the setting dial is pushed in, it can move the hands of the watch automatically, making it possible to set the time without winding the dial. It’s not necessary, but it is a cool feature to have. The watch can withstand enough water to use it for swimming, although I don’t really like to take my watches in the water. I’m always fearful that something will go wrong and the watch will stop working.


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