I Get Paid in Cash and Needed Paystubs

Our boss pays us in cash every five days. He withholds taxes and stuff, but most of the employees do not have bank accounts and prefer cash. I have been working for him for a year. I work as a delivery person who delivers takeout on foot. We get our tax forms at the end of the year, but since we get paid in cash, there is no paystub. I needed to prove my employment by having three check stubs from where I work. I had to use a paystub generator to show the building superintendent I had a job. I keep a running tally of withholding information on paper, and I do have a bank account. I just transferred the info to the online service that does check stubs. I was able to backdate info to make three stubs.

The information was 100 percent accurate. I was not falsifying information. I do have a job, and I put down exactly what I am earning and the hours worked. I could not get a printout from work in time, so this was the next best thing. I told my boss what I was doing, and he was okay with it. He even let me use his logo. The building superintendent even said it was a formality. It is just that most people get a paystub from their jobs on at least a biweekly basis. I work for cash, but I am not ignorant or dimwitted. My boss is elderly and used to doing things this way. I do not mind. I move fast on my feet and get the job done. It is why I get paid so well. I am saving money and can afford a nicer apartment in the city.

I am taking day classes at a local university. I am hoping to earn a degree in accounting. I am good with numbers and facts. I imagine my boss will have his restaurant until he passes. I cannot imagine him retiring. He is the one encouraging me to earn my degree. He is a nice guy, but, I admit, he is stuck in the old ways of doing things with no plans of changing.


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