Hacking Kik with Some Help from My Friend

The more I use Kik, the more I really want to learn how to maximize my understanding of the app. I know how I like to use it, but I’d love to have a better understanding of how other people use it. I’ve decided that I’m going to use the Kik hack to take a look and see what other people are using this communication tool for. I feel like I’m missing out if I don’t do it, because I don’t know how else I’d gain insight into the habits of other people.

There’s one website in particular that has the technology that will allow me to do this. There are a lot of imposters out there, so it was really important to me that I find the right site. Anyway, once I found them online, I printed out all of the steps that I’ll need to take in order to make this app work. The instructions really weren’t that long, but I wanted to print them out in case I need to refer to them later. It all looks really straightforward, so I don’t think I’ll have any issues.

I told my best friend about my plans, and she really encouraged me to move forward with what I wanted to do. She’s always been really supportive of me and my goals, so that was only natural. She actually said that it was of interest to her as well, and she asked if she could watch me use the app, so that she could learn to use it as well. I told her that I’d love to have company while I play around with the app. I told her to bring along some Kik usernames so that we have additional people we can look up and hack during the process. She’s thrilled to be part of this process.


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